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An Ideal Outdoor Garden Design

An Ideal Outdoor Garden Design

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Landscaping is important for improving the quality of life. It helps to create healthy interaction between man and his immediate environment. As now a days air pollution has increased, a need of residential garden has also increased for a fresh and natural environment. For fresh air one does not need to go to public parks if he has his own garden at home. An ideal design of garden helps to improve the quality of life. A residential garden helps to beatify the exterior of the house and also increase its value. Good and well-planned garden design also affects human lifestyles; it offers pleasant environment for the residents. An ideal home is incomplete without the garden in it. Garden has lots of benefit which increases its value. To make an ideal garden design one needs to understand some criteria and the styles applied to the garden design. The book also contains all the different seasonal plants and trees useful for a residential purpose. The book will be helpful for the amateurs to develop an ideal residential garden design on their own. The book will also be helpful to the architects and interior designers for designing an ideal residential garden.