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Clinico-Radiographic Co-relation of Pulp stones in Systemic disorders

Clinico-Radiographic Co-relation of Pulp stones in Systemic disorders

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Aim: To calculate the prevalence of pulp stones and to report any associations between occurrences in systemic disorders such as Cardiovascular (CV) disorders, Diabetes Mellitus (DM) Type I & II, previously/recently diagnosed & treated Renal stone/Gall stone, sex & tooth type. Patients and Methods: A total of 885 teeth of 4 groups were examined, comprising with CV disorders; Type I & II DM, Renal stone/ Gall stone & control group. Teeth were examined in Bitewing radiographs & were evaluated. Statistical Analysis Used: Chi-square analysis was used to compare the frequency of occurrence of pulp stones between diseases, sexes & tooth type. Results- Pulp stones were found in 208 (23.5%) of 885 teeth detected. Significantly, higher numbers of pulp stones were recorded in patients with CV disorders (27.46%) than others. The occurrence of pulp stones were significantly higher in molars (39.08%) than premolars (18.29%).The highest Incidence Rate of pulp stone 33.05 % among males was observed in Renal stone/Gall stone group & among females 36.14 % observed in DM group. Conclusion: Pulp stones may provide useful information when examining dental records to identify deceased persons.