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Information systems for managing design guidelines for manufacturing

Information systems for managing design guidelines for manufacturing

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This book contains a study for investigating the definition of design guidelines for manufacturing (DGM) and how information systems should be built accordingly to support successful and smooth production development projects. Firstly, the concept of guideline in manufacturing context and the characteristics of effective information systems and knowledge management are theoretically reviewed based on previous research. That is followed by an empirical case study at Volvo Car Group that either compliments or emphasizes facts and results, which are thoroughly analyzed and discussed in a following chapter. The book presents a clear definition for DGM and detailed criteria for how these guidelines should be constructed to live up to the proper level of design support. Then, what information systems have to offer in terms of functionalities and characteristics to enable effective management and continuous improvement of supportive DGM is produced. Finally, the book ends with reviewing the required support from the organization side that should be in place in order to facilitate successful transition to the proposed information system characteristics and related management practices.