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Laser Micro Machining on Engineering Ceramics

Laser Micro Machining on Engineering Ceramics

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The work provide insight into application of Nd:YAG laser in Micromachining of Ceramics from chapter one to chapter six in a well-designed manner involving extensive review of the past research. The fundamental of Nd:YAG laser beam generation for micro-machining application are presented in chapter one. The pulsed Nd:YAG laser set up for different micro-machining operations with description of the various parts of laser machining setup are presented in chapter two. In addition, the description about developed microprocessor based fixture for holding cylindrical work piece. Chapter three contains the details of experimental design and planning for experimentation based on response surface methodology combined with optimal analysis of responses i.e. deviation of upper width, lower width and depth. ANN model development and methodology of artificial neural network (ANN) employed in laser micromachining in the chapter four. Genetic Algorithms based multi objective optimization is presented in chapter five. The derived general conclusions out of the present research have been out lined in chapter six. The present study is open up insights into utilization of laser micro-grooving.