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Eco-immunotoxic Studies On A Fish During Experimental Plumbism

Eco-immunotoxic Studies On A Fish During Experimental Plumbism

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Lead or Plumbum (Pb) is a toxic heavy metal.It forms both organic and inorganic compounds. But whether solid or liquid, either gaseous or particulate, the compounds are toxic pollutants. The lead pollutants liberated into the physical environment from different sources like paint and battery industries, mining operations or from the automobile exhaustion always affects the environment with many fold primary and secondary toxicity. These lead pollutants enter into the life systems as xenobiotics along with food, air or water and relay a lot of biochemical, immunological and metabolic disorders and finally death.In the present study, the model fish Clarias batrachus, Linn. was kept in aquaria and extensively studied for lead toxicosis.Fishes were tested with the change in their respiratory behaviour, lead accumulation in different tissues, changes in biochemical and haematological parameters, molecular changes and immunological changes during various levels of lead toxicosis.The kinetics and behaviour of the heavy metal has been thoroughly discussed with respect to various Parameters including DNA,RNA,Proteins, enzymes,hamatological and immunological parameters.