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Upcycling service for furniture "Al Taller"

Upcycling service for furniture "Al Taller"

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Now-a-days, the modern society is forgetting the real value of objects. One proof of this is the cost of some mass products. They can be bought for a very low price. This Low-price products are generally not appreciated and valued as high-cost ones. The connection with its owner is limited by the short period of time that the object is used. Sometimes, the object has no meaning further than its immediate function. This trend is leading to an irresponsible way of consume creating besides, a problematic of disposal and landfill. The challenge for AL TALLER, is to give a new reason to this old pieces of furniture. To change their lifecycle so they are wanted once again. The designers have the important role of analysing the object state, interpreting the users needs and desires and providing a creative solution. A solution giving a brand new purpose to the object. Making it enter again in a cycle in which it will last much more. Furthermore, the biggest value imprinted to the new furniture piece, will be the presence of the hand of an artisan which, with its particular know-how, creates a personalized and unique piece.