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Effect of ICT(Internet & communication technology) on young generation

Effect of ICT(Internet & communication technology) on young generation

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Here I analyze Effect of ICT (Internet and Communication Technology) on young generation. As we are living in twenty-first century rapidly all sectors are developed. Usage of ICT is raised day by day. Students are spending much time on internet but, excessive use of internet is not good for their health and carrier also. Excessive use of ICT loses concentration. There should be awareness about cyber laws Also they have to update themselves according to the technology. Engineering student are required the internet for their studies. On the basis of different methodology I have observed that , internet communication technology having different advantages and disadvantages. Advantages are we can get abundant information with the help of internet. We can easily contact with our family, friends. Everyone can take any type of information any time, free online courses are there so everyone can update themselves. With this some disadvantages are Internet increases the risk of alienation, isolation, depression.