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Programming in C ( Revised )

Programming in C ( Revised )

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About the Book: is a fundamental and general purpose language. The knowledge of C programming language is essential to learn the advanced programming languages like C++, Java and C#. The book has written like a class lecture notes, in such a way that it is useful for both slow learner and fast learner using simple English language with numerous solved programming examples and exercises. The book has been written to meet the requirement of undergraduate university exams. The topics included are: Introduction to C, Branching and Looping, Arrays, Strings, Functions, Structures, Files, Pointers, Dynamic Memory Allocation and Introduction to Data Structures like Stacks, Queues, Linked List, Trees and Abstract Data Type. The book also contains good number of programming examples, lab manual, viva questions, question bank for practice, old question papers and model question papers. The book also contains model questions for placement interviews.