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Philosophy of Nothingness and Love

Philosophy of Nothingness and Love

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The purpose of this book is to break the dry and blocking condition of the contemporary philosophy and to create the new horizon. The question about nothingness had begun in all ages and places. For example, Lao-tzu, Chuang-tzu, Solomon, Buddha, Pascal, Nietzsche, Bergson, Heidegger, and many other philosophers have expounded on this subject. Nothingness is not non-existence of all things. On the contrary, nothingness produced the infinite universe that expanded from the Big Bang and continues to infinity and eternity. The end of the universe is not confirmed by science. If man says that it exists, it is. If man says that it does not exist, it is not. Man can say nothing. It is beyond the expression, therefore Absolute Nothingness. This expression is the whole of the universe. Being and matter are only limited small parts of the universe by the function of relative nothingness in human thought. We call this logic Transcendental Nothingness or Absolute Nothingness. Nothingness is the highest wisdom which the Transcendent Being revealed to mankind and continues to infinity, to eternity, to the Transcendent Being, God and to love. I call this the principle of nothingness and love.