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Microcontroller Based SMS Electronic Scrolling Message Display Board

Microcontroller Based SMS Electronic Scrolling Message Display Board

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Digital electronic display board is fast gaining acceptance and application in different spheres of life which include educational institutions, public utility places and in advertisement due to the problem associated with construction of signposts and manually placement of papers on walls, buildings and edifies which makes the environment look untidy. This book presents the design and development of a microcontroller based electronic strolling message display board, which will be used to display messages and information in real-time via SMS. This microcontroller based electronic scrolling message display board offers the flexibility to a user to control the message or information displayed without recourse to geographical location of the user, provided there is GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) mobile network. It therefore eliminates the inconveniences of physically going to the display board to manually input information using a computer system. The book also incorporates a feedback mechanism from the remote display board to ascertain that the message sent by the user has been displayed. The circuit of the device is designed based on PIC18F4520 microcontroller.