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African perspective on globalization of gender

African perspective on globalization of gender

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Gender issues powered by globalization has radicalized women all over the globe and more so in Africa. Made up of five chapters, this book is about women’s reactions to excessive over domineering attitudes of men. Chapter one discusses increasing radicalization of women against patriarchy in religion. Beyond this, chapter two focuses on poverty of female traditional rulers in Africa, especially West Africa where female rulers are battling their male counterparts for marginalizing them. Chapter three provides the world excellent examples of how gender issues should be handled not only in religion but, more importantly, in governance. Chapter four show cases gender in African Traditional Religion with male and female having their separate but united religions. Male religion is the husband while the female religion is the wife. These gender religions complement each other. The final chapter, chapter five, shows that in Nigeria and the Republic of Benin, female emirs exist alongside male emirs. These expositions are made possible by the forces of globalization.