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Experimental and Theoretical Investigations of Concrete Buried Pipes

Experimental and Theoretical Investigations of Concrete Buried Pipes

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Concrete pipes serve as an effective underground infrastructure lines especially as sewer lines, culverts or conduits. Today, it is well known that besides the pipe material, the installation types have a great effect on the performance of the pipe-soil system. Iraq nowadays has big plans for underground pipelines infrastructures and Billions of dollars are allocated to accomplish these projects which focused mainly for sewerage, water and oil transportation. The present study deals with the experimental and theoretical investigations of buried concrete pipes. The primary objectives of this book are to study the effect of backfill cover, compaction, trench width and bedding types on buried concrete pipe according to Iraqi practice namely, local pipe production, local backfill soil and local installation. Thus this book presents good information for pipelines engineers, researchers and companies especially these have infrastructures projects in Iraq like oil pipelines, sewers and water networks.