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Design of competency

Design of competency

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The required capabilities to survive in competition are the ability to manage and exploit high efficiency from the resources. In order to achieve such purposes, classification of the resources and identification of capabilities as well as competencies are vital.The contribution of this book is developing a competency-based information and knowledge model for intra-enterprise. A capability-based information and knowledge model for Computer Integrated Manufacturing laboratory of Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU CIM lab) has been developed and, for achieving competency-based information and knowledge model the other information and knowledge models (design capability model, marketing capability model ,R&D capability model and after sale competency model) of the enterprise with the same approach is introduced. The study of this book is subdivided into three phases, namely; requirement phase, design and development phase and implementation phase. Unified Modeling Language (UML) employed as modeling languages.And finally as output an architecture for a capability analyses tool is designed which is used for decision making within enterprise for product and outside in market.