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Characterization of yam diversity to increase resources in Nigeria

Characterization of yam diversity to increase resources in Nigeria

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This book is a collection of illustrated practical guide which is an ideal source of information for breeders, curators, researchers, rural farmers, and extension workers in yam growing regions of the world. It describes how to identify most yam species/varieties grown in the area using manual descriptive approaches where other advanced technological tools are not handy. It is a response to the lack luster information in the face of massive genetic erosion of the available germplasm. Farmers and researchers will be able to appreciate the extent of material loss over the years due to neglect, biotic and abiotic conditions. It will also pave the way for sustainable conservation practices. Arial characterization of the leaves and vines were carried out. Characterization of the tubers indicated the various shapes, while the passport data indicated locations of collection. In the southeast, Nigeria, yam is widely celebrated for bride price, burial rites and during child birth. Yam has a major role in the people's religion. It is a source of income to the farm family and has high demand in foreign market. Yam has low genetic base, but has high value chain.