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Network Analysis of Linkage Between Queuing and Scheduling Models

Network Analysis of Linkage Between Queuing and Scheduling Models

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This book is designed to offer a lively applied presentation of analytical and empirical tool for Linkage Model of network of queues with a flowshop scheduling system. This introductory text provides a concise and practical introduction to the primary concepts and techniques of Linkage Model. A lot of research work has already been done separately in the field of Queuing and Scheduling. A few efforts have been recorded so far to combine these two systems. The present work is an attempt to establish the linkage between these two systems of optimization. The Queuing-Scheduling linkage models are motivated by the fact that they are more meaningful from practical point of view. The illustrated examples format introduced in the text for every concept helps the reader to formulate the realistic problems easily. The C++ programs under various sections will enable the readers and industrial people to apply these concepts practically. This book can be read without any prior knowledge of Queuing and Scheduling theory and may be of interest to all people.