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Evaluation of IUD insertion practices and client satisfaction

Evaluation of IUD insertion practices and client satisfaction

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The intrauterine device (IUD) is the world's most widely used spacing method of reversible birth control. In India only 1.8% of married women of reproductive age use IUDs. It has many advantages and disadvantages. One of the main reasons that IUD is under utilized in India is that many health service providers and potential clients lack accurate, up to date information. It is often found that the advantages are understated, the disadvantages tend to be exaggerated and many myths and misconceptions are prevalent in the community and among the providers too. The high discontinuation rate is due to problems related to providers’ knowledge and skills leading to improper selection of clients, poor counseling and lack of follow up, all resulting in poor quality of services. Lot of potential common adverse effects is preventable if recommended norms are religiously followed. This study principally aims to assess quality of services with IUD insertion process as a whole and study whether and to what extent norms of selection, counseling and insertion techniques are practically followed. This study also aims to assess satisfaction level among the beneficiaries.