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Postharvest Management of Green Mold of Citrus with Botanicals

Postharvest Management of Green Mold of Citrus with Botanicals

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Mandarin orange is the most important and highly commercialized fruit among the citrus crops in the world. The green mold has become increasingly important on post harvest losses of citrus. Chemical fungicides provide the primary means for controlling post harvest fungal decay of fruit and vegetables. Continuous use of fungicides has faced many obstacles with increasing public concern of fungicidal residues and development of resistance in the pathogen populations. The ultimate aim of this book is to explore the development and evaluation of various alternative control strategies especially use of botanicals to reduce dependency on synthetic fungicides. This book is also helpful to find out the fruit rot management practices along with In-vitro and In-vivo evaluation of botanical extracts against citrus green mold (Penicillium digitatum Sacc.) in post harvest storage. The information from this book will be useful for the citrus growers, food industries, fruit seller, researchers, students and all the concerned stakeholders related to citrus enterprises.