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Effect of Various Types of Filters in Casting Process

Effect of Various Types of Filters in Casting Process

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Today the requirements for the quality of heavy section castings are increasing very fast. Because of that foundries had started to use ceramic filters of heavy section castings around 10 years ago. This book gives a short overview bout some critical mistakes which can occur when foundries use ceramic filters or filtering such heavy castings. Due to the heavy weight and the high amount of handcraft, the costs for internal rejection are very high, if a casting fails because of defects like dross or sand inclusions. Also due to the high transport costs of such heavy parts external rejection has to be avoided too. This book cannot explain very detail but it gives a guideline for the design of filtration systems for heavy section castings. This book also shows the dangers which appear when foundries transfer the general recommendations of filtering castings to heavy section castings and shows how they can be avoided. It shows also that the new knowledge of the Mechanisms of filtering can be used to get high quality castings without defects.