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Translations of Quran and Yusuf Ali's Works

Translations of Quran and Yusuf Ali's Works

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This work investigates the notions of Quranic translation with a particular reference to the Abdullah Yusuf Ali’s, the interpreter of holy Quran, life and critical appraisal on some of his works. This study shows translations in different languages and of various sects such as orientalists, non-believers, Sunni, Qadiyani and so on, how they approached Quran, in their translations, including a particular hint to mistakes took place in it. This study will exhibit the linguistic, grammatical, theological, philosophical errors of the Abdulla Yusuf Ali, by giving accurate answers to his wrong arguments, corroborating from Holy Quran and Prophet Hadiths. And this highlights the problems and semantic issues of his translation. This critical analysis aims at exploring the errors of translators by indicating their correct views for their distorted thoughts. This research consists of an introduction, three chapters and a conclusion. After learning Yusuf Ali’s translation, researcher has found that Ali has been fallen in his work in many dogmatic errors relating to some theological matters and anti-reason arguments.