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Rendering Neologisms from English into Persian: Avatar

Rendering Neologisms from English into Persian: Avatar

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Translation is the art of reproducing an utterance or a part of discourse from source language (SL) into target language (TL). A part of discourse can be consisting of a paragraph, a phrase, a sentence, and a neologism. Newmark (1988) stated that neologisms could be defined as newly coined lexical units or existing lexical units that acquire a new sense. The case of this study is subtitle of Avatar film (2009) whose 92 new words in English language (SL) and their counterparts in Persian language (TL) have been extracted, recorded and surveyed on the basis of suggested strategies of Silvia`s (2001) model for creation of neologisms and Newmark`s (1988) theoretical framework for neologisms` translation. In this qualitative, descriptive study, Avatar film has been watched and the data have been probed and analyzed in content of text via subtitles.