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New ideology in classical electrodynamics

New ideology in classical electrodynamics

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The concept of the vector potential of electric field is introduced. It is shown what concept is, as the kinetic inductance of charges plays in the electrodynamics not less important role, than dielectric and magnetic constant. Is developed the mathematical model of the dispersion of electromagnetic waves. It is shown that in the confined plasma the transverse plasma resonance can exist. They are introduced the concept of kinetic capacity. The way of writing of the equations of induction with the use by the substantional derivative obtained their symmetrical form. Is introduced the scalar- vector potential, in which the scalar potential of charge and its field they depend on speed. Within the framework the Galileo conversions are obtained conversions pour on upon transfer of one inertial to another. Are examined the bases of trans-coordinate electrodynamics in time-spatial giperkontinuum. The results of the experimental studies, which showed, are given that the charge is not the invariant of speed.