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Insecticides: Role and Hazards

Insecticides: Role and Hazards

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Insecticides now are the most important agent in insect control and insect pests suppression. The world consume approximately 6 billion pound of insecticides per year. The USA only use 1.5 billion pound of insecticides per year, it means that 25% of the world consumption. The insecticides have many advantages such as increase of yield production and reducing insect pest but there are also many disadvantages as environment pollution, toxicity of nontarget organism and reducing of natural enemies. Insecticides are not only used in agricultural but also used in public health and industrial applications, as well as household and commercial uses. With the judicious use of insecticides we can make all insecticides advantages not disadvantages. Hazard, or risk, of using pesticides is the potential for injury, or the degree of danger involved in using a pesticide under a given set of conditions.The toxicity of a pesticide is a measure of its capacity or ability to cause injury or illness. The toxicity of a particular pesticide is determined by subjecting test animals to varying dosages of the active ingredient (a.i) and each of its formulated products. The active ingredient is the chemical