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A multivariate analysis of growth management acceptance

A multivariate analysis of growth management acceptance

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This study reports an empirical investigation of acceptance of Korea’s Green Belt policy, a regulatory urban growth management tool staunchly maintained since 1970s. Despite the policy’s conceptual and practical significance, neither researchers nor practitioners have addressed how it has been supported by the general public or how complied with by the residents. A primary question revolves around what accounts for variation in acceptance by both the general public and by residents in 13 Green Belt regions. Based on a national survey, this research analyzes a mixture of relevant variables: personal attitudes, demographic characteristics, regional conditions, local government's efforts, etc. Using multivariate and logistic regression, the study indicates that all of these factors have an influence on acceptance and vary in their importance. Regional differences, e.g., development pressure and economic status, in addition to personal factors, come into play. It also shows the limited role of local governments in facilitating acceptance. Some policy messages are also drawn.