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Semi-symmetric connections on complex manifold

Semi-symmetric connections on complex manifold

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This book contains the study of complex manifolds equipped with semi-symmetric connections. The first chapter contains basic definitions related with manifolds theory and a brief account of the Historical Development, Topological manifolds, Differentiable Manifolds, Riemannian manifolds, Finsler manifolds, Lie groups, Linear Connections, Curvature tensors, Complex manifolds, Almost complex manifolds, Generalized quasi-Einstein manifolds, Almost contact manifolds etc. The second chapter is based on the study of recurrences with respect to a semi-symmetric metric connection on an almost Hermite manifold. The third chapter is concerned with semi-symmetric metric connection on a 4-dimensional almost Hermitian manifold of pointwise constant anti– holomorphic sectional curvature. In the fourth chapter some useful discussion and results are given for semi-symmetric metric and non - metric connection on a Kahler manifold. The fifth is devoted to Kahler manifold with a special type of semi-symmetric non-metric connection. In the last chapter some results for an almost Hermitian manifold with semi-symmetric recurrent connection has been derived.