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Breast Cancer Surgery and the Principles of Oncoplastic Surgery

Breast Cancer Surgery and the Principles of Oncoplastic Surgery

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After one century of breast cancer surgery, patients’ management has evolved from radical mutilating surgery to more conservative approach. With breast conserving techniques such as lumpectomy, quadrantectomy, skin-sparing mastectomy (SSM), skin-reducing mastectomy (SRM), total skin-sparing mastectomy, nipple-areola sparing mastectomy (NSM) and with increasing indications of prophylactic risk-reducing mastectomy "personalized oncology treatment" is becoming the norm. Achieving an aesthetically pleasing outcome is becoming as critical as local disease control. Oncoplastic breast surgery is thus becoming the new frontier of breast cancer treatment and is being defined as a ‘‘third pathway’’ between standard breast conserving surgery (BCS) and total mastectomy. Though a well-trained oncologic surgeon may be capable of performing simple level 1 oncoplastic surgical procedures, more complex techniques of reconstruction with contralateral symmetrisation necessitate the skills and expertise of a plastic and reconstructive surgeon. The authors of this book share their concepts and experience with the newly evolving various mastectomy and reconstructive procedures.