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Cataract surgery and adjuvant treatments

Cataract surgery and adjuvant treatments

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Cataract extraction with intra-ocular lens implantation is a common procedure that in patients without retinal pathology is known to increase visual acuity and by that life quality. Pathologies of the posterior chamber of the eye, such as age related macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy, have high prevalence and often coexist in patients with cataracts. For that reason, it is common to see these patients being subject to cataract extraction, arising concerns whether surgery could worsen retinal diseases, compromising visual acuity outcomes. Despite the existence of many studies addressing this subject, controversy remains whether these pathologies really worsen after surgery. This book reviews the combination of cataract surgery with adjuvant intravitreal anti - VEGF injection in patients with diabetic retinopathy and age related macular degeneration.