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Public Relations Science Management

Public Relations Science Management

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Forward: Public relations science is a strategic conversation. As you might imagine, it is an ephemeral and wide-ranging field, often misperceived, and because of the lack of message control inherent in public relations, it is difficult to master. Public relations science is even difficult to define. Is it spin or truth telling? Either way, the public relations function is prevalent and growing; the fragmentation of media and growth of multiple message sources means that public relations is on the ascent while traditional forms of mass communication (such as newspapers) are on the decline. You can find public relations in virtually every industry, government, and nonprofit organization. Its broad scope makes it impossible to understand without some attention to the taxonomy of this diverse and dynamic profession. Learning the lexicon of public relations will help you master the discipline and help your study move quicker in subsequent reading. Studying this unique book is inevitably recommended for all managers, professors, journalists, conversationalists, mass media insiders, students and organizations.