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A Case for Transformational Leadership in Niamey

A Case for Transformational Leadership in Niamey

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The aim of this project is to study transformational leadership models that may be put into practice by church leaders in strongly Islamized communities. It develops a unique perspective of New Testament studies that intertwines biblical study with practical implementation of truths learned in the classroom. Throughout this study, students in a theological seminary in Niamey (Niger) studied the Gospels in order to deepen their understanding of Christ’s life and ministry as a leader in His community, as well as the ministries of Peter and Paul in the Acts of the Apostles. Instead of going through each Gospel one by one, students were exposed to a global and more chronological perspective of the accounts of Christ’s life. In the process, they were led to discover lessons and models of leadership as well as the transformation these models brought about in people and communities. In order to reflect on and practice the lessons learned in the course, students took a new look at the city of Niamey and did an exegesis of it. This enabled them to develop their own community transformational projects which has provided these Christian leaders with a unique understanding of their contexts.