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Diagnastic Microbiology

Diagnastic Microbiology

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This book is written to provide basic knowledge and practical information about diagnostic microbiology.It includes number of experiments covering all the major areas of the microbiology. The experimental details presented are simple, lucid and straight forward. Majority of experiments can be conducted in laboratories with modern facilities. The results obtained through these experiments can be delegated to research also. This manual covers all experiments included in the practical syllabus of most of the universities both at under graduate and post graduate levels. It is a useful manual for not only microbiology teachers and students but also to the professionals working in allied disciplines like Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences and other branches of life sciences.We hope our readers will share our enthusiasm for microbiology and find this book to be useful. We invite critical comments and constructive suggestions from one and all for improvements in next edition of this book.