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Compulsory Purchase Procedure in Bangladesh

Compulsory Purchase Procedure in Bangladesh

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The Compulsory Purchase Procedure in Bangladesh is a research review based on the Government authority can, for public benefit purpose, take private ownership of land by compulsory purchase. How to protect private land owner’s rights in spite of government’s power of acquiring land, as for details study, is a most densely populated country Bangladesh has huge destitute of land, unplanned city expansion, unsustainable development of infrastructure and environmental damage are remained as significant issues for modern sustainable development of land. • It describes details of International best standards of practicing guidelines by FAO-UN, FIG and WB as well as other countries practice has reviewed and different valuation method. • It describes details of land acquisition process in Bangladesh as from theory, early stage negotiations, market value of property plus other damages, opportunity of involvement of all parties, protection of agricultural land, removal services all of those are the thorny of legal challenges. • It consists of the Legal, Empirical and Sustainable analysis such as empirically,field study has conducted by way of interviewing from selected different project.