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Theoretical Study of the Thermoelectric Properties

Theoretical Study of the Thermoelectric Properties

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The present work is an extended theoretical study for the electronic and thermoelectric properties of the electron transport process throughout several nanostructures. The system considered in our study is left lead-donor-scattering region-acceptor-right lead. Where, the scattering region may be one scattering region or multi-scattering regions, which consists of several nanostructures. We present theoretical treatment to formulate general expression for the transmission probability of the electron to transport throughout simple as well as complicated nanostructure systems. The Hamiltonian that described the system is Anderson Hamiltonian neglecting the spin and the correlation interactions on the system. All the system eigenvalues, coupling interactions, and the scattering region?s electronic density of states are taken into consideration in our theoretical treatment to give obvious view for the system dynamics. Our treatment was so simple that one can include any external effect to the transport process. The most important effects taking into consideration are the electron interference and magnetic flux effects in transport throughout multi -scattering.