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New trends in treatment of prostate cancer

New trends in treatment of prostate cancer

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Prostate Cancer is the most common malignancy in elderly men. The median age at diagnosis is 68years and the disease incidence escalates sharply with increasing age. The natural history is still relatively unknown and many aspects of progression are poorly understood .Clinically localized disease varies from lower-grade tumors having a more indolent course to high-grade lesions that progress to metastatic disease with relative rapidity. Prostate cancer is most treatable and curable if caught in the earliest stage of the disease. Staging is an important part of developing the best treatment. Choosing a treatment option involves the patient, his family, and one or more doctors. It needs multidisciplinary oncology doctors of prostate cancer specialists as an urologist, a radiation oncologist, and a medical oncologist. The optimal management of prostate cancer that is clinically confined to the prostate remains controversial. Standard treatment options for localized disease include Radical prostatectomy, Radiation Therapy and watchful waiting management.For metastatic prostate cancer it becomes far harder for complete cure.