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Impact of Teachers' Ego Boundaries on EFL Classroom Management

Impact of Teachers' Ego Boundaries on EFL Classroom Management

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The world today is growing so complicated and similarly the world of the classroom so sophisticated that our investigations should depart from the mechanics of pedagogy, and more towards the dynamics of teaching. In this regard, fathoming the psycholinguistic aspects of teaching can stand out among other inquiries. Teachers and learners speak and act through the diaphragm of their ego that is formed and fringed by certain ingredients; hence, ego boundaries. Interactions among these egos—the conscious and unconscious selves—inform the overall characters of the classroom. Teachers' ego boundaries and the differences emerging among thick and thin boundaries in relation to the characteristics of their classroom management play a significant role especially in EFL context. The mode and method of teachers’ classroom management can directly have to do with their thick and thin characteristics, and therefore better illuminate the psychoanalytic interrelationships within classroom discourse.