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ADR at the International Oil & Gas Industry, the PEMEX Case

ADR at the International Oil & Gas Industry, the PEMEX Case

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The present research deals with two subject matters: the petroleum industry, also known as Oil & Gas industry, and the Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods, well known for its acronym “ADR”. The main purpose was to develop a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the actual status of ADR in the Oil & Gas industry in Mexico, as well as the barriers, either cultural, social, legal and political, amongst others, that have not allowed a greater advantage of so extraordinary mechanisms. The research is focused on the case of Petroleos Mexicanos (PEMEX) which is the Mexican Oil & Gas Company, with a major impact at the international Oil & Gas market. The intended research was thought to deal with legal and socio-legal aspects, since the socio-legal science is hardly considered when resolving an international Oil & Gas dispute. The recent energy legislation analysis as well as the case-law analyzed in this research will serve to determine precedents, as well as to set up very useful statistics. The main repercussion of this book would fall into companies and countries involved in the Mexican Oil & Gas industry.