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Outcome measurements evaluating Quality of Life among LVAD patients

Outcome measurements evaluating Quality of Life among LVAD patients

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Heart transplantation is the gold standard among patients with heart failure. Today around 350 patients in Austria have become owners of left ventricular assist devices. As devices are better developed, patients spend more time on cardiac support and experience less clinical issues. Rehabilitation is of high importance to recover and increase someone's quality of life. There are many questionnaires asking QoL. The purpose of this study is to summarize questionnaires used to evaluate progress and rehabilitation and which measurements are available in German language. A scoping review was chosen to show evidence on patients with LVAD evaluated by questionnaires assessing QoL. In databases 27 recent articles were identified including 5 outcome measurements: MLHFQ, KCCQ, SF-36, SIP, WHOQOL-Bref. All of them are available and validated in German language. All five outcome measurements are reliable, valid and well-designed. Commonly used questionnaires are not in harmony with specific LVAD needs and feelings. Measurement tools should be adapted to the increased functional ability. There is a need for new instruments directly targeted for LVAD patients and in German language.