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Retrieval of Satellite Images using LTRP and ASMC

Retrieval of Satellite Images using LTRP and ASMC

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Now-a-days, satellite image retrieval is an interesting topic of research .Many techniques have had been studied for retrieval of images. Images can be generic or satellite images. Image retrieval based on color and tag content is an auxiliary function for traditional text-annotated image databases. The purpose of the satellite image retrieval is to get good quality images because satellite technology has much application in all fields. A good clustering as well as retrieval technique is vital for this purpose. Due to the increase of online users on the Internet, the amount of collections of digital images have grown continuously during this period, for example, in web applications that allows adding images and digital albums. Also is important to note that the images are globally used. The influence of television, old photographs and games has contributed to this growth as well. Images are increasingly used to convey information, whether one local information, weather, advertising, etc. In this context, it is necessary the development of appropriate systems to manage effectively these collections.