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Export Instability in India

Export Instability in India

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International trading environment is undergoing a rapid transformation. Globalisation of Indian economy is the main thrust of the new Foreign Trade Policy of the Govt. of India. The new FTP takes an integrated view of the overall development of India’s foreign trade and essentially provides a roadmap for the development of this sector. The broad aim of the policy is to boost up exports, overcome balance of payment crisis, increase foreign exchange reserves along with national income, potential for employment generation and international competitiveness. The study examines the issue of diversification of country's export pattern in terms of both commodities and markets. Future prospects of exports sector have been examined to find out the effect of government's trade policy on export performance. An attempt has been made to examine the performance of India's Exports and instability with the help of growth rates, coefficient of concentration, t-test, Coppock's instability index and ranking. This book will be of great help to various academicians, research scholars, economists and policy makers in understanding the basic issues relating to India's export performance and instability.