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The Valley of Bahlui River Upstream of Cotnari

The Valley of Bahlui River Upstream of Cotnari

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The study of regional geography with special thematic dedicated to “the Valley of The Bahlui River upstream of Cotnari“ proposes an analysis of the main physical-geographical information of the studied area, types and main forms of relief and highlighting morph metrical features, and morph graphical The Bahlui River basin morphology of the use of land in the basin area. Evolving on brittle geological substrates the valley has specific climatic conditions imposed by the channeling air masses along its variegated carpet soil and vegetation in which mixes steppe species and forest type zone with those of a zonal meadow. Bahlui Valley upstream of Cotnari, having in the center of the studied area the Depression and Harlau town, presents physico-geografical features which specifically highlights it. Harlau and the surrounding area is an old Romanian settlement in the Upper Country, located in the contact area of the Plain of Moldavia with the Suceava Plateau. Physical-geographical study “BahluiValley upstream of Cotnari” completes the literature on the region of contact between Moldavia and Suceava Plateau and the Plain itself as a useful study for specialists