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Beyond Efficiency in Leadership

Beyond Efficiency in Leadership

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Beyond Efficiency in Leadership sets out to address the question: Can Teacher Leadership move beyond efficiency and effectively create desired changes in our social institutions? When does one become a teacher leader? Is the assigned Administrative Leadership positions equivalent to Teacher Leadership? Apart from addressing the various theories and styles in leadership, it also attempts to redefine leadership in light of the dictates of the twenty-first century. On the whole, the book sets out on the premise that teacher leaders do not necessarily have to seek administrative positions in their respective schools. Rather, every teacher can exert positive influence to the society through setting good examples, quality teaching, research, mentoring, and publications among others. It builds its theoretical framework from Nelson Mandela's (1918-2013) famous statement, "Lead from the back - and let others believe they are in front." By insisting that leadership by example is the better option, the author is at pains to point out why our institutions are failing the tests of time. It is recommended to all shades of leadership, educators, and students of all disciplines globally.