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Tourism Economic Impact on Host Community

Tourism Economic Impact on Host Community

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Tourism is globally accepted as an income generating service industry. The destinations which attract tourists will not be isolated and the defined attractions would require the support of the host community for the growth of tourism. Everywhere this is made possible by encouraging the host populace to engage in business activities supporting tourism in their vicinity. It is worthy to take account through scientific analyses the benefits that are received by the host businessmen and traders from their tourism related activities .The book reveals the nature and quantum of economic benefits received by the host people from the activity considering the category of business and investment pattern. The average monthly income, discretionary income, profit, asset acquisition, business debt, personnel debt and the variations are precisely brought out.The impact of seasonality on tourism related business is also discussed in detail. An analysis of the benefits of host people engaged in employment related to tourism is also discussed. Few suggestions are also incorporated which can be made use of by entrepreneurs experts and administrators.