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Interference Management For Cognitive Wireless Networks

Interference Management For Cognitive Wireless Networks

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Over the last decade, the available spectrum in wireless communications systems has been a very rare resource due to the increasing demand. However, licensed spectrum is not fully utilized by licensed users. Therefore, new technologies that focus on enhancing the spectrum usage and energy efficiency of wireless mobile networks have been the major interest of significant works. Cognitive networks has been proposed as an efficient technique for the new communications systems in which the available unused licensed spectrum (also called spectrum holes) are exploited in an opportunistic way. This book focuses on the study and development of efficient interference management schemes, and proposes enhancement techniques for cognitive wireless communication systems. Practical engineering applications are integrated with mathematical theory. This book is interesting for both undergraduate and postgraduate students in the field of wireless communication systems. Combining theory and analytical techniques, this is a comprehensive guide to interference management models essential for modelling and analysis of wireless cognitive network performances.