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The Perception Towards Islamic Banking

The Perception Towards Islamic Banking

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Islamic banking was an abstract concept until the first half of the twentieth century. Nevertheless, it has now become a full-fledged financial system and has been playing the role as an active player in the world scene over the last three decades. It is seen by many as an emerging sector and a potential competitor to traditional banking in both Muslim and non-Muslim countries. The purpose of this book is to examine the level of awareness and perceptions of non-Muslims people in Mauritius towards Islamic banking and to investigate the influence of demographic factors on the awareness and perception of non-Muslims in Mauritius. This book tries to shed more light to the question as to whether non-Muslim individuals and groups that pursue ethical financial solutions have been attracted to Islamic Banking or not. In order for the perception to be favourable, it is important for people to have the proper knowledge of Islamic banking. This book is the first nationwide study conducted in regards to perceptions and awareness of non-Muslims towards Islamic banking in Mauritius and it will be of interest to Islamic bankers and to those wishing to conduct further studies on this topic.