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Extensive Reading Strategies in EFL Classrooms

Extensive Reading Strategies in EFL Classrooms

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This book studies learners’ awareness of extensive reading strategies and its impact on enhancing reading comprehension levels. Mastering the reading skill is not something every learner can do because it involves highly complex cognitive processing operations that may not be within the linguistic competence of all EFL learners. In order to enhance the reading comprehension of some Arab EFL learners, this study investigates the extent to which promoting their knowledge of extensive reading strategies boosts their reading ability and improves their reading rate accordingly. Both experimental and exploratory research methods were applied. Experimental and controlled study groups were composed for collecting empirical data on the rates of comprehension and reading, and a survey was conducted to explore students’ beliefs about the most optimal strategies they apply while reading. A training program was set and thirteen tasks were applied with the nominated participants. The analysis revealed significant results pertaining to both reading comprehension and reading rate. The researcher recommends developing more activities for learners to practise extensive reading strategies.