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Writing Skills for Journalists

Writing Skills for Journalists

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Journalism is a science of communication wherein information transudes towards the people in an organised manner. In the contemporary era of modernisation, there is a great demand for skilled journalists polished with the code and conduct of journalism. Also there is a need for the general audience to understand the processing and importance of journalism for to track on as freelance journalists. Armed with the freedom of speech and expression, journalists get the world informed of the day to day activities of the global society as a whole. ‘Writing Skills for Journalists’ is an attempt to put forth the essential and important concepts of journalism in an effective and efficient manner, so as to highlight the different dimensions of this field. Laying the foundation through ‘Communication Theory’, the work develops over interesting concepts such as ‘Reporting and Feature Writing’ and finally ponders over ‘Editing’. I would like to thank each and every one involved in this work either directly or indirectly, for without their cooperation this wouldn’t have been possible. We hope that this work would stand on as a platform for further research in the field of journalism.