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Novel Techniques in Educating New Cyclotron Users

Novel Techniques in Educating New Cyclotron Users

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The field of nuclear engineering and physical engineering are widely used in many medical facilities, this project is to study all positive aspects in cyclotron field and reduce the negative aspects, and to assist nuclear medicine departments to have good quality of medical services and to get high quality types of radio pharmaceuticals for diagnosis and treatment. We designed and a manufactured two products to develop cyclotron field, after we trained in KFSH & RC in Riyadh we've seen some deficiencies in the system and we have decided to have a solution for them, and these products were chosen after many case studies there. Trying to take advantages of the nuclear field, and its contribution to medical field, we started with a Cyclotron Anatomy prototype to assists all nuclear engineering students to study all nuclear principles and all operating principles of cyclotron so that they can have better understanding. And also we designed JAVA language software for Cyclotron production and information searching to assists the workers and technicians to have a trusted reference for radio pharmaceuticals production information and to know about all-important information.