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Alcoholism In Rural Areas

Alcoholism In Rural Areas

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Alcoholism as a social problem has undergone an interesting, although not unique, evolution. Not too long ago it was defined as a moral, religions, and ethical problem, especially within the middle class. The alcoholic was ridiculed, scorned, and held up as an example of the danger of straying from the pronounced standard of conduct. The evil was thought to exist within man; his only escape was through redemption. However, another cultural value was prevalent, each man was a free and independent agent who could exercise his ‘inherent’ rights, including the right to drink, as long as he did not injure other persons or property. In India particularly in villages and among poor classes the people drink in festivals like holy and deepavali, pongal, function like marriage, etc.. But now a days many village people involves on heavy works. In this time the village people consuming alcohol to reduce their physical pain to relax and to get peaceful sleep. This habit gradually makes to addicts to alcohol latter. This is gradually a widespread customs in India. The use of liquor has so much increased that it poses a grave problem in both rural and urban areas.