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Ganesh Festival in India

Ganesh Festival in India

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Hindus across India celebrate various religious festivals. Ganesh festival is one of the most popular and famous festivals in India celebrated on Ganesh Chaturthi in public and at home. It is a ten day festival celebrated to honour the elephant-headed God Ganesh’s birthday, the supreme God of wisdom and prosperity. This festival is now observed in many other nations of the globe such as UK, USA, Canada, France, Mauritius, Thailand, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Afghanistan and Nepal by the migrant Hindu population with great festivities and zest. It is believed that praying to Lord Ganesh leads to fulfillment of wishes and desires. Nowadays the activities of the Ganesh festival cause the concerns in terms of water, air and noise pollution. The budgets are also boosted by a spirit of competition among Ganesh mandals. They spend huge amount for this celebrations. It is also celebrated with various cultural and community activities. However, the spiritual and social benefits derived by the society from this festival are negligible. This study is useful to Ganesh mandals, their members, devotees of Ganesh, subscribers, donors, researchers, policy makers and after all to the society.