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The Use of Media for English Language Teaching

The Use of Media for English Language Teaching

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This research is conducted on Teachers’ perception on the use of media and its implementation in language classrooms at some selected preparatory schools of Ilu Aba Bora Zone. The study aimed at identifying the perception of teachers on the use of media to teach English language. In addition, recognizing which media are available and which are not available in the schools and find out how and how often media are used to teach English language were core objectives of this research. Finally, the study reached at a conclusion that there are school teachers who believe that media has no great role, there is no difference between teachings with and without media and language courses don’t need any type of media. There are also some teachers who don’t understand well the function of media, have no interest to use media in the classroom and don’t feel comfort while using media. In addition, all Schools are not fulfilled with the necessary media for the teaching learning process, they don’t encourage teachers to use the available media and the respective education bureaus from Woreda to federal level are not giving emphasis to the usefulness of media for the teaching learning process.