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Hybrid SVD based Image Watermarking

Hybrid SVD based Image Watermarking

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This books provides introduction on Multimedia Image security techniques. Stress has been put upon image watermarking techniques using Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) and its hybrid variants. Here all combinations of SVD with wavelet transform, discrete cosine transform, artificial neural networks, PDFB based contourlet transform, empirical mode decomposition, gene expression programming, and human visual system implementation using the contrast sensitivity and noise visibility has been worked with. Some hardware implementation of these techniques have been discussed in terms of Hybrid Motorola DSP board and multiresolution analysis of the SVD. A number of test images have been worked upon along with a number of metrics to test imperceptibility and robustness of the system with standard metrics. Finally biometrics and colluder detection schemes also have been used for enhancing the security parameters of the different SVD and hybrid SVD variants of watermarking algorithms.