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Aqua-drugs and chemicals: impact on aquaculture in Bangladesh

Aqua-drugs and chemicals: impact on aquaculture in Bangladesh

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The present study was carried out for a period of one year from July 2013 to June 2014 to evaluate the impacts of aqua-drugs and chemicals on fish and shrimp health and production through clinical, histological and overall field observation of both inland and coastal aquaculture in Bangladesh. Seven categories of aqua-drugs were found to be used by the farmers, whereas, 34 pharmaceutical companies supplied aqua-drugs and chemicals., Renamycine, Cotrim Vet, Ossi-C, Polgard plus and Timsen had an average recovery of 65-85% on EUS and Edwardsiellosis of pangus, tilapia and koi. Clinically shrimp and fish were found to be normal, except some cases where yellowish to fade color were observed in treated ponds. Histopathology of muscle and hepatopancreas of shrimp and gill and liver of fishes had remarkable pathological changes like necrosis, pyknotic cells, inclusion bodies, hemorrhage, hypertrophy, lamellar missing, talengiactasis and vacuums. Shrimp production was 2100 kg/acre and 120 kg/acre in drug treated and non-treated ghers respectively. However, production of pangus, tilapia and koi was 12000 kg/acre, 17000 kg/acre and 16000 kg/acre in drug treated ponds.